Christmas Joy!

As I was pondering on what I’d write today, the blessing of the true meaning of Christmas filled my heart and these words just came at me, so I wrote them in poetry format. I hope that you will read them and be blessed.

Christmas Joy!


The Bells ring
Children sing
It’s Christmas time again!
Peace and joy,
Smiles and toys
Speak of a special friend.

Donkey brays
As it lays
In a manger snug and warm,
The cows moo
And wonder who
That mama holds in her arms.

Stars are bright,
A wondrous night,
God has come to the earth!
He sent His Son,
The battle’s on
Because of this baby’s birth.

Angels praise
To greet the day;
The special time has come!
Jesus is born
In Bethlehem
Now God’s children can go home.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” … Acts 16:31


4 thoughts on “Christmas Joy!

  1.  Ronnie,

      One of your priceless blessing, is the Honesty-energies which you have cultivated and using through all correspondence with me. I bless your heart… Happy Holiday Seasons to you too my dear friend…



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  3. God with you today in peace and in wonderful christnams seson to joy and be bless and be around the word to read that message about Betlehem miracle of Jesus baby and still today that famous the moment tare so powerful to celebrate around the world year after year with love and in care and in hope with salvation,thanks and bless and merry merry christmas in joy,keijo sweden


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