Faith is NOT a Fast Food Pill

We live in a world where almost everything we need has been made available to us with instant access – drive-thru restaurants, instant bank tellers, online services and directories,  shopping, telephone speed dialing, and weather and news information. And when we become ill there are pharmaceutical meds for almost every ailment. So it’s not surprising to see faith brought into a fast action mode, but the truth is that faith is not a fast food pill.

Faith is a belief and a trust in God that He has already done the things that He said He would do. You can’t put a time frame on how long it takes anyone to get to the place where they truly have that faith in God. It’s totally dependent on how submissive each one of us is to God and to His ways of doing things.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and that substance begins like a tiny seed and grows when it is fed. Just like the flowers in our garden that require good soil, light and water, our faith also requires the proper environment in order to grow into a strong and healthy substance.

When we want our faith to be strong, we need to have it planted in good soil. We need to study the Word, praise the Lord and be a testimony of His love.  This develops our character so that the faith we seek will take root and become part of us. And as we continue to develop, it continues to grow. (Matthew 13:23)

The light is Christ Jesus who took away our sins and made us whole, and who restored us to our Father in Heaven.  The Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world and those who realize this shall be made free. We can take that literally and know that if He is the light and if we follow that light, that it will take us to God. (John 8:12)

The water is the Spirit of God who dwells inside us with our own spirit. He is the confidence we experience when we feel good about something or the conscience who checks us when we’re being tempted.  He’s the “sixth sense” who leads and directs us to God. He is God’s Spirit in us. (Romans 8:9)

We can’t say that we have faith just because we quote scriptures. This is not a magic formula. Quoting scriptures allows us to hear ourselves say them but the quoting itself does not bring us closer to God and this is one of the misconceptions that many Christians face. We only get close to God when these scriptures go beyond our own words and get down into our heart and become part of us.

A new salesperson may have a great pitch about the products of his new employer, but it’s not until he uses them, experiences with them, understands them and believes in them that he can be a true representative of the company. And it’s the same for Christians. We need to become like Jesus to be able to represent Him properly. And we need to know and understand and believe what He has done for us before we can be a true representative of Him, before we can step out in faith and stand against the world.

Faith is not a fast food pill. It is not a quick fix to satisfy our own desires or lusts or even needs. It’s the result of studying the Bible so we can KNOW GOD, and then standing with Him against the world’s ways and totally accepting and believing His ways.

“According to your faith be it unto you”…. Matthew 9:29





5 thoughts on “Faith is NOT a Fast Food Pill

  1. Oh Ronnie, I loved this post, I wish I had known you back when I first started my healing journey. I always felt judged because I didn’t “have enough faith” I felt like saying, “well if you tell me the aisle to find it, I’ll pick it up next time I’m at the supermarket!” It’s a special someone that hardstand faith is not a pill but a process xxx


    • Florence, I know how you feel. I have carried a life threatening disease for most of my life and it worsened as I got older. I went in prayer lines at church, had visiting pastors who supposedly were annointed pray over me, and I fasted and quoted scripture non-stop. I was told the same thing, that I needed faith and I should fast more often and quote more scriptures because I obviously didn’t have faith. But no one explained to me what faith was or how to get it. It wasn’t until I was stricken with cancer, underwent major surgery and then told that it had spread and I was going to die that I understood how ill I really was. The first disease had taken its tole on my life and I wasn’t supposed to live past this last Christmas. This is when I gave up on church protocol and sought God myself with all my heart, and with the support of mighty prayer warriors and my continued hunger to seek God’s healing, I began to realize in my heart what faith was. I have always loved the Lord but I had no idea what faith was. And now I know and what’s more is that the healing that Jesus gave me on the cross is now manifesting in my body. The cancer is gone and the chronic lymphatic disease is almost gone from my body. I believe that I am healed – and those aren’t just words. I believe it with all my heart and because of the faith that I have, I am now seeing my body being healed. Praise God! Let’s give Him the glory because He loves us all and has tried to tell us through His word that faith is the key to life! And so my burden is to share this precious and valuable message with as many people as will hear it.


      • Dearest Ronnie, thank you so much for sharing with me, it’s a sad but true reality that it often takes crisis for us to find God for ourselves and know Him more fully. Faith, true faith is a miracle in itself that shows itself to the hungry soul.

        I can’t say that I’m fully there yet, but slowly God,is revealing this sacred mystery and truth to me so that I own it in every atom of my being. I am so very glad to have met you Ronnie, and hold you on prayer in my heart.


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