When Faith Meets the Crossroads…

As we venture along on our journey of faith, we continue to study God’s Word and accept His truths and ways as our direction. This builds our confidence in His words and in His ability to fulfill His words.

But there comes a time when we have to stop confessing and actually put our faith to work – we have to act on what we’re confessing that we believe. It’s like having the exam at the end of the school course where we’re being tested on our knowledge and where we have to show that we know what we’ve learned.

Many of these tests are small even though they may seem a bit stressful at the time.  But with each one that we endure, we learn to trust God more, and the outcome is that it strengthens our faith and it allows us to know where our faith in God really is.

But then sometimes there comes a crossroads in our life where we have to choose and that’s when our faith is really tested.

Crossroads come when the path we’re taking comes to a halt and we have to choose between two opposite directions.  Sometimes it means a career move or a physical resident move. Whatever the scenario, it often means there’s no turning back without incurring hardship.

When the crossroads come in a Christian’s life concerning their health, it means choosing between the direction the world is pushing you to go, or taking a stand against them and going God’s way. It can be a very tasking decision because the world shouts loud and has a history of their way being the only way, and God’s way is totally dependent on you trusting Him and following His hidden path that not too many have taken.

The doctors are saying that the only way to survive is to follow the normal medical path, and even as Christians we can feel the pressure because it’s the only known way to overcome our illness. But many of us have studied the Bible and we’ve read what God’s alternative ways are and in our minds we know His way is the better choice.

Faith in God means turning from the world’s known way and following God, following His ways and His direction. And if we don’t know His direction, it means seeking His presence, studying His Word and having a few devoted Christian friends who will wait on God in your place and get the answer that you may not be able to hear. These friends can be directed by God and may have the ability to get you onto the right path – the path that leads to healing and to life.

Whenever we meet that crossroads in life, we must always stop and wait on God. What direction does He want us to take? Wait on God and have prayer warriors interceding for you so that we can clearly know and understand God’s direction. If we can trust God to lead us along that path, we will have put our faith to works.  Once we’re committed, our faith strengthens and not only will we get the victory over our circumstances, but we will have a mighty testimony to share with other Christians and to announce before the world.

It’s key to stop listening to the advice of worldly people and to start trusting your decision with other believers so that your faith can be strengthened through their encouragement. The Bible says that the path to life is narrow and that not too many people can find it….so we need to find it, get on it and be there in full strength through faith to encourage others.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths“….Proverbs 3:6

3 thoughts on “When Faith Meets the Crossroads…

  1. This piece could have been written just for me. As I writer, I have constant reminders that God will work all of his promises but only when I’m patient do I see them come to life in the sweet way they are meant to. And even more, it is during those periods of waiting that he works on me- which is why those are excellent times to pray, grow and nurture our heavenly community here on earth.

    What a blessing to have that put so delicately, Ronnie. Thank you much.


    • We serve an awesome God! And although I am the writer of this message, God is the author and we are both blessed. In fact, it has been God’s inspiration that has enabled me to write the entire Faith series in this blog. Thanks for letting me know that this blog has been an encouragement to you……ronnie


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