I Love You Because

In the Old Testament, God commanded people to love Him to keep them from worshiping idols and missing His love and mercy. Then came our salvation! Now, when we make Jesus our Savior, we're redeemed back to God and filled with HIS Spirit, who teaches us all Truth as we study the Bible. We don't … Continue reading I Love You Because

You Can’t Buy Love

It’s an old saying that's been used to cover many diverse situations, but it’s a fact that can't be refuted: we canNOT buy love. We can impress, persuade, convince, influence, deceive, flatter, fake, assume, and sell the concept of love, but no one can buy the heart's unconditional commitment. Only ONE person in the world's history has ever truly loved … Continue reading You Can’t Buy Love

Love Gives us Strength

Love gives us the strength to overcome adversity in our lives because it's the foundation of our being that presents us with a purpose. And when we have a purpose, the love within us becomes an unbeatable force. When children grow up together in families they often remain close friends throughout life because there's a … Continue reading Love Gives us Strength

What is Unconditional Love?

The word "love" is one is that we use to convey a passionate feeling towards someone or something. It's a word that we often use as an expression or a selective emotion but without the heartfelt conviction of true sentiment. It has become a popular word in our vocabulary, but do we really understand what the word … Continue reading What is Unconditional Love?