Happy Thanksgiving

Today, despite all the turmoil around us, many families are gathering together for a Thanksgiving celebration. We are all thankful to God for many different reasons, but there is one that all Christians agree on! Jesus is the Son of God, who came from Heaven to earth and died on the cross for our sins … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

A Day to Rejoice

America will enjoy a day of festive celebration today as the heart of thanksgiving flows through its homes. Yet, many won't experience the joy because they are letting the unrest of this world steal it from them. As believers, we are thankful in spite of the chaos around us because we know that God is … Continue reading A Day to Rejoice

To Jesus We Give Thanks!

The season of Thanksgiving is a cherished day. We prepare our delicious feasts and wait for family and friends to arrive and share in the joy of it all! It's a special day for a reason—we are thankful! And we want to celebrate our blessings! We want to give Jesus our thanks! As we gather … Continue reading To Jesus We Give Thanks!

Being Thankful for the Greatest Gift of All

Today many of us will sit down to a festive turkey dinner with family and friends as we give thanks for all we have. We will thank God for our home, our family, our job, our health and our physical blessings, but these are only the effects that we get from the greatest gift of … Continue reading Being Thankful for the Greatest Gift of All

Being Thankful Just One Day a Year

Like most other Canadians, I joined in with the traditional celebration of Thanksgiving this past weekend and there was so much that I had to be thankful for. I have so many wonderful blessings from God and I’m grateful for every one of them. I have to pinch myself sometimes to realize that I’m alive … Continue reading Being Thankful Just One Day a Year

Give Faith a Chance

Wisdom tells us that good things come to those who wait and that time heals all wounds, so in the same light we need to ‘give faith a chance’. But we live in a fast paced world where modern conveniences and new technology have enabled us to have “instant access” to most things in life. … Continue reading Give Faith a Chance