The Great One

There are only two spiritual entities: good and evil. Good is God, Creator of everything, including the angels. Evil is Satan, a fallen angel who rebelled against the good to destroy it. Satan is NOT God's counterpart; he is NOT God's equal. God is eternal; Satan has a beginning and an end. God is all-powerful; … Continue reading The Great One

Who Can Be Against Us?

Many people fear the unknown and are anxious about nothing. But as Christians, we have peace because we've accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, who redeemed us back to our Heavenly Father. We know God loves us, watches over us, and takes care of us. He's our Healer, Provider, and Friend, the One who … Continue reading Who Can Be Against Us?

The Answer to Chaos

The growing chaos in this world is affecting all of us, and stress levels are rising. But as God's children, we have a Heavenly Father who watches over us and will protect us when we trust Him. King David tells us to take refuge in God, and Apostle Paul says in Philippians 4:6-7 not to … Continue reading The Answer to Chaos