Our Choice: Anxiety or Peace

We don't choose our challenges in life, but we CAN choose how to handle them. When we're working on our own merits, and within this world's limits, we WILL experience anxiety and stress because the god of this world wants it that way. But when we give our issues to Jesus and TRUST Him—knowing that … Continue reading Our Choice: Anxiety or Peace

Peace in the Battle

A new day and a new week bring hope and possibilities—and at the same time, adversities and challenges, maybe even some rough trials. As Christians, we can rejoice in the good times AND the rough times when we study the Scriptures to know God and strengthen our faith in Jesus! God's Word is true, powerful, … Continue reading Peace in the Battle

Sin Blinds People

The world has never been in such a state of chaos since its creation with global pandemics, spreading natural disasters, rampant crime, political chaos, and evil immorality—and all at the same time. It gets worse every day, but most people can't see it because sin has blinded them from the truth, so their hope is … Continue reading Sin Blinds People

To Whom do we give the Glory?

Jesus said that we will have challenges in life. He also told us to give these problems to Him and that He will lead us through them with victory. When we focus on our problems, the devil is glorified, but when we give them to Jesus, the devil flees, and we rest in His peace—and … Continue reading To Whom do we give the Glory?