Be Prepared!

Many people aren't prepared for some of life's challenges. But as Christians, we CAN be prepared by starting each morning with praise and thanksgiving to God, asking Him to lead and guide us throughout the day. God is still in control and often allows these challenges to help us grow so we can learn to … Continue reading Be Prepared!

The Path That Leads us Home

Many "Christians" believe that God is only about love and blesses whatever they do in life as long as they're happy. And sadly, because they believe this lie instead of the truth, they'll face Jesus as Judge one day. To be a Christian means that when we accept Christ Jesus as our Savior, we turn … Continue reading The Path That Leads us Home

A Path With a View

Contrary to false teaching, the Christian life is not peaceful, prosperous, and problem-free. This sinful world hates Christians because it hates Jesus. It even tried to kill Him at the cross—but He rose from the grave and is alive! Jesus warned us that if we follow Him, we would also suffer tribulation in this world. … Continue reading A Path With a View