Because God Said So!

Many Christians accept Jesus as their Savior, but neglect to make Him their Lord. The reason there are so many doctrines is that they don't obey God, but we don't have a choice; we must obey Him. Why? Because God said so! Most believers refer to Jesus as “Lord”, but do they really know what … Continue reading Because God Said So!

Love is a Passion Fruit

The Bible says in Galatians 5:22 that love is one of the fruits of the Spirit, and in fact, it's listed as the first fruit, which indicates that it's a priority. It's one of the virtues or the characteristics that make up the wholeness of the Spirit of God; a virtue that we could refer to as … Continue reading Love is a Passion Fruit

Faith: Choice or Obedience

Is faith an act of choice or obedience? As Christians, we study God's Word and we try to follow His ways and laws as much possible. Some things are easy for us to obey without having to make a choice such as not killing or robbing anyone, and yet other things cause us to think and to choose … Continue reading Faith: Choice or Obedience

How do you get faith?

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”(Hebrews 11:1) Simply put, it’s the energy of believing that a certain thing WILL come to pass. For many of us, it’s easy to hope and wish for something to happen, and we get this feeling inside that it will happen – … Continue reading How do you get faith?