What Do You Say?

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, what do you say? The world's people say Happy Holidays because to them, it's a holiday, the time for Santa, gifts, parties, and festive gatherings. But, for Christians, we celebrate Jesus, our Savior, so we say Merry Christmas! At this time of the year, when people seek peace and joy … Continue reading What Do You Say?

Don’t Hide the Light

As believers, we have God's Spirit—His light—in us, and we may be the only form of God's goodness that people will see. It's important that everything we say, do, and think gives God the glory because in doing so, our light for Him shines, and people will see God in us. Let's shine for God … Continue reading Don’t Hide the Light

Be a Light in the Darkness

It can be easy at times to get caught up in the negative attitude of the world. When the unexpected happens that seems out of control, fear sets in and can steal the joy from us, leaving us in a state of defeat and hopelessness. But as God's children, we should never be more fixed … Continue reading Be a Light in the Darkness