Deadly Effects of Itching Ears

Years ago we knew who the “Christians” were because their character revealed a reverence for God. They’d all dress in their best clothes on Sunday mornings and trot off to one of the dozen different denominational churches. The church bells would ring out and everybody knew that it was the Lord’s Day. But gradually, the … Continue reading Deadly Effects of Itching Ears

There Are No Shortcuts to the Cross

Our world is quickly racing toward convenience and short cuts in almost every facet of life. The things that used to require time and effort can now be accomplished online in seconds—things such as banking, paying bills, shopping, ordering a meal and even securing lucrative employment. These conveniences require little effort and almost no thought … Continue reading There Are No Shortcuts to the Cross

I’m Strongest When I’m Weak

There are many times when the trials and challenges of this life get us down and literally disable us from functioning with any clarity. We become tired and defeated because we are so weak. The world can’t help us and family and friends don’t seem to understand; we feel all alone with a problem that … Continue reading I’m Strongest When I’m Weak