Changes Bring Fear

This world's system is changing God's laws into politically and socially correct rules, creating chaos and forcing many to fear the future. But for us who know Jesus, we're at peace and look forward to the future because we know God does NOT change—not His laws, His promises, OR His judgments. We know He's coming … Continue reading Changes Bring Fear

If He said it, Believe it!

Every day, the world pushes closer towards judgment! The Bible foretold this time in history, of pending wars and global conflicts that will send us into the Great Tribulation under the antichrist's rule—and it's getting scary. But, we can rest in God because, contrary to what the world says, God does NOT change. He is … Continue reading If He said it, Believe it!

Get Ready!

The world is racing into a one-world system that defies God's laws and fulfills Isaiah's warning that good will be called evil and evil good. There has never been so much global chaos and unrest, and many people fear what lies ahead. Nothing is sure or secure in this changing world anymore—but for God. The … Continue reading Get Ready!

Jesus, the Same Forever!

The people of this world want change, and they don't want God in charge anymore. But what they don't seem to realize is that this is God's world and that God is still God and He does not change. The world may declare that God's ways are outdated and that there is a new definition … Continue reading Jesus, the Same Forever!

God Will Not be Mocked!

We live in a world that has drifted so far from God most people have no real idea who God is! Laws and attitudes have been changed to appease this “modern” life and God is mocked and ridiculed and blasphemed—and all without fear. And it’s not only the people of the world who mock God; … Continue reading God Will Not be Mocked!