A Choice to Study

When choosing a career, we must study to learn and gain wisdom so we can confidently excel in our profession. This also applies to being a Christian. We've made our choice; now we must study the Scriptures to be filled with knowledge and wisdom and do what God's called us to do. The more we … Continue reading A Choice to Study

Peace Amid the Turmoil

The world is filled with anxiety, but God gives grace and peace to those who know and trust Him. Building a relationship with Him is personal, and it only comes when we make Jesus our first love, above our desires for anything in this world. We can only do that when we study the Bible … Continue reading Peace Amid the Turmoil

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Many people try to hide from the stresses around them through substance abuse, immorality, or idolatry, but ignorance is not bliss as it only feeds the fear. We can't change what's happening in this sinful world, but as Christians, we can be at peace and live in God's grace when we spend time in prayer … Continue reading Ignorance is NOT Bliss