Promises and Lies

The media is able to confuse people, sway them with lies and fill them with fear because they are blinded to the truth. Revelations 12 says that the devil is working full-time to deceive the world and lead the people away from God. He knows his time is almost over and that Jesus WILL return to reign and so things are going to get even worse! But God has given us His Scriptures to know the truth so we can put our hope and trust in Him. He’s also given believers the promise that Jesus is coming soon to take us out of here before God pours out His wrath. The key is: we need to read the Bible so we can know God and learn the truth because He will cover us with His love, live through us by His Spirit, and keep us safe through His word. Jesus really IS coming soon to take us out of here and we need to focus on God’s promises more than on the devil’s threats.

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