Why Didn’t the Lions eat Daniel?

Most of us have heard the story of Daniel and how he was thrown into the lion’s den because he refused to honor King Darius’ decree. This law said that no one could bow down to any other god except for him for thirty days. Daniel, of course, was devoted to God because he knew … Continue reading Why Didn’t the Lions eat Daniel?

A Fearful Heart

The Bible tells us in Psalms 111:10 and in Proverbs 9:10 that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". Many people who do not understand Scripture—and this includes non-Christians AND Christians—think that we must be afraid of God and do what He says or die! Others are afraid of people and live in fear of … Continue reading A Fearful Heart

The Cost of Telling the Truth

Recently, a family friend, who's always claimed to be a Christian, asked me why some of his family didn't accept his "male" spouse as part of the family. It was a moment of deliberation for me. Do I tell him that he's actually sinning against God by engaging in this lifestyle? Or do I candy coat the … Continue reading The Cost of Telling the Truth

What Does it Mean to Have Joy?

The Bible talks a lot about joy, and it’s an emotional word that we’re most familiar with in songs such as Joy to the World. But what does it really mean to have joy? Who can get joy and why do we want it? The word, “joy”, is used almost two hundred times in the … Continue reading What Does it Mean to Have Joy?

When We Lose a Loved One…

When we lose someone we love, someone who's  our best friend and who we depend on for our own personal inspiration, it hurts when they pass on. It doesn't matter how old they were or how perfect they were, our heart aches when we realize that they're really gone. We knew that this person loved … Continue reading When We Lose a Loved One…

Love Isn’t Love Until You Give it Away

“Love isn't love until you give it away”. It's an old saying that's been passed down through the ages, but what does it mean? Love is a commitment of the heart that we have towards someone and this begins with our love for God. In Mark 12:30 we are told to “...love the Lord our … Continue reading Love Isn’t Love Until You Give it Away

The Heart of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas can be the greatest feeling in the world, and the hype of shopping along with the traditional Christmas carols and glittering decorations set the perfect atmosphere for the season. Family gatherings and great feasts add joy and excitement to the hearts of everyone, whether they are Christians or not. This is because we … Continue reading The Heart of Christmas