It Begins with us!

In challenging situations, we can get angry, frustrated, and often overwhelmed with fear, and we are not a good testimony of God's love and power to those who don't know Him. But, when we are still and trust God and don't let the world control our emotions, God is glorified through our actions. It begins … Continue reading It Begins with us!

We Are God’s Light

It's easy to get discouraged now as we face social restrictions that we never imagined would control our everyday life. However, more than ever before, we need to spend time in praise and worship and study the Scriptures so that we can stay focused on God and on the hope that He has given us … Continue reading We Are God’s Light

Be a Light in the Darkness

It can be easy at times to get caught up in the negative attitude of the world. When the unexpected happens that seems out of control, fear sets in and can steal the joy from us, leaving us in a state of defeat and hopelessness. But as God's children, we should never be more fixed … Continue reading Be a Light in the Darkness