Don’t Lose Heart

Praying alone for someone isn't easy when others say it's hopeless. But God wants us to keep praying even if we don't see any change. These are His children whom He loves and whose sins will take them to hell if they don't receive His salvation. Every prayer breaks down the spiritual grip of the … Continue reading Don’t Lose Heart

One Day We Will See

Why do we keep praying for people when we don't see the results? Many don't get healed, and others continue to be dragged through the mire despite our prayers. God does hear and answer our prayers, but He sees the big picture, and more than just healing or helping them, God wants them to repent … Continue reading One Day We Will See

Fighting the Battle

We can get tired of doing good and praying for others when we don't see any positive results. We must remember, though, that it's God's Spirit in us who's fighting the battle for their lives, not us. But it IS our prayers and intercession that keep the battle going against the devil who wants to … Continue reading Fighting the Battle

We Reap What We Sow

Difficult things take time and so we need to keep hoping and praying for those who appear to be rejecting the message of Christ. The seemingly impossible can take even longer but we walk by faith and not by sight because we know that God hears and answers our prayers. Jesus is working on their … Continue reading We Reap What We Sow