The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Throughout life, we receive many different kinds of gifts. Some are very useful, others are novelty and interesting, and some meet our current needs. But there is a gift that is above all gifts and that is the gift that God has given to us. His love for us is so great that He gave … Continue reading The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Boundaries of Love

When we think of the word “love” our minds reflect on several aspects of love in our own lives. We have a love for our spouse, which is a strong heartfelt bond that’s greater than any other human relationship, and we have a love for our children that is equal in commitment and totally unconditional. … Continue reading The Boundaries of Love

Take Everything to God in Prayer

Life can get so busy and so challenging at times that we often find ourselves fighting the trials that come against us with our own strength. We forget that God has provided an answer for us in a way that will not only give us the victory, but that will be a blessing to everyone … Continue reading Take Everything to God in Prayer

Do You Need a Friend?

There's one person who we can ALWAYS count on to be there for us and that's Jesus.  This isn't a new message but it needs to be repeated to get it down into our spirit, into our minds and into our hearts so that we know that we know that Jesus is here for us. … Continue reading Do You Need a Friend?

You are not alone

We've all been there and many of us are still going through it. We have sorrows that keep weighing us down or financial struggles that are making us feel warn and old. And while these burdens lay heavy on our heart, it seems as if the people around us aren't concerned or don't care. Likely, it's … Continue reading You are not alone