You are not alone

We’ve all been there and many of us are still going through it. We have sorrows that keep weighing us down or financial struggles that are making us feel warn and old. And while these burdens lay heavy on our heart, it seems as if the people around us aren’t concerned or don’t care.

Likely, it’s not that they don’t care but more that they have their own issues or perhaps don’t realize that you’re hurting. They help when they can and they listen to as much as they can accept, but it’s not enough when we’re hurting and need a friend who’ll just stay and comfort us.

There is someone who is always there, sees everything, feels everything and whose heart is burdened with our hurts, and whose heart rejoices in our happiness.  Jesus will never leave us – we may leave Him and we may forget that He’s right there, but He is always there ready to listen, ready to comfort and ready to help.

Talk to Him. Share your burdens with Him. Get the peace that IS waiting for you when you talk to Him. He does care and what’s really great is that He CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” …Proverbs18:24

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