Billy Graham: God’s voice in the wilderness

The angels in Heaven are rejoicing! Another child has come home! And yet, while Heaven celebrates, we who are left here on earth are grieved. We will miss Billy Graham: God's voice in the wilderness. His name is known throughout the world, and his fame has spread from nation to nation, yet Billy Graham has … Continue reading Billy Graham: God’s voice in the wilderness

the Crown Before the Cross

Many Christians feel that they are entitled to blessings and rewards from God because they're Christians.  They focus more on what they’ll get from God than on what they'll do for God.  They put the crown before the cross! God does bless us now, and He will give us rewards and crowns one day, but … Continue reading the Crown Before the Cross

Can you spare a cup of Water?

There are many hurting people in this world who could really use some encouragement, financial support or physical help. Thousands are starving right around us and we don’t even notice because we are too busy with our own lives. The world we live in has become a self-centered, materialist environment where the emphasis is on … Continue reading Can you spare a cup of Water?