Welcome to my post: Ronnie Dauber

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited that you are visiting my blog today. This is being designed to enlightened every guest with the good news that…

….there is hope in God!

There is so much to know about God that is hidden from us and the cares of this world keep many hurting people from being able to find the truth and become set free.

It is my hope that as my blog develops with more detail, guests like you will be able to get a clearer understanding of the big picture that God has painted for us through his Son, Jesus.

And then perhaps you can share my enthusiasm and know the truth about God, and that is that He loves YOU and that YOU are part of His divine plan for life in Heaven filled with peace, joy and happiness, and free from hurts and pain.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my post: Ronnie Dauber

  1. Hey Ronnie, I’m checking out your website from a post on Christian Authors etc. on Linked In. Welcome to the blogosphere. I’m wondering what you see as the “big picture” that God has painted for us through His Son. I’m very interested in this topic as it has capture my interest for the past year. My ideas have widened immensely this past year.

    Please email me at: info(at)julieferwerda(dot)com

    • What do I see as the big picture?

      Jesus’s whole purpose in leaving Heaven and taking on human form was so that He could become the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and restore us back to God the Father.

      After Adam sinned and was removed from the garden, God promised Eve that He would send someone who would redeem His people back to Him, and Jesus was the promise. Because of the sin Adam committed, all mankind was now filled with sin and from that time up until the death and resurrection of Christ, everyone had to make an atonement or sacrifices for their sins. This was ongoing and no one was ever totally cleansed because the atonement was only for specific cleansing.

      Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice so that whoever accepted Him as their saviour from their sins and sinful nature would be permanently cleansed from sin and able to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, who we need inside us to live Godly lives.

      The big picture is fulfilled after the time of Revelations when the devil will be cast into the lake of fire and all those people who accept Christ, love and serve Him and obey Him, will live through eternity with God. Everything Christ did and everything we do now in the name of Christ is for the benefit of the big picture. Our mission is tell others about the Lord so they can have the opportunity to hear the truth and get saved so that they can be part of God’s divine picture, as well.

      I hope this explains in a nutshell what God’s big picture is according to what we are taught in His Word.

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