Still Standing

Nothing is stable in this ever-changing world as it races into a new world of rule. Sadly, many Christians blend with the world, believing God is changing. But God does NOT change! Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever; what He said in the Scriptures is still Truth and fact today! Our hope and … Continue reading Still Standing

Some Can’t Hear His Voice

We don't buy products we're unaware of, visit places we don't know exist or worship a Lord we've never of! The Bible says that Jesus seeks those who don't know Him and are lost, but if they've never heard of Him, how will they know it's Him? As Christians who know Jesus, let's tell others … Continue reading Some Can’t Hear His Voice

What is the Value of the Bible?

The Bible has many useful purposes. It’ makes a lovely wedding gift for the happy couple and an inspiring graduation gift to the student. It comes in many sizes and colors and looks astonishing when artfully displayed on a coffee table. It can also sit on the corner of a desk and give off an … Continue reading What is the Value of the Bible?

Christmas Faith

Our faith in the Lord is made possible because Jesus was born, and we celebrate His birth on Christmas Day because He is the promised saviour and God's gift to us. Our faith in Him begins with Christmas faith. After their exile from the Garden of Eden, God promised Adam and Eve that He would send someone to restore … Continue reading Christmas Faith