Learning to Trust Him

Sometimes, we'll ask God to help us with something or give us something, and the answer we get is not what we expected. We get angry that God didn't respond to our wishes, or frustrated that He didn't care, or discouraged that He either didn't hear us or chose not to answer. But God DOES … Continue reading Learning to Trust Him

Learning to Let Go

When we were children, there were times when we didn't understand what was going on and we just trusted our parents to keep us safe. As God's children, there are things going on around us now that we don't understand and they can seem rather daunting, but we must learn to trust God and rest … Continue reading Learning to Let Go

Fear of the Lord!

Every day we hear more horror stories of what's going on in this world, of the persecution of Christians, civil unrest, and political wars. However, as Christians, we should not be afraid of this world or what's happening in it, but our fear should be in the Lord who is getting ready to pour out … Continue reading Fear of the Lord!

All things work together….

When things go wrong in our lives we sometimes think that God isn't watching over us like we thought He would. We get restless and upset because we believe that our needs should be met today, that the bad things in our lives should be made right the second we pray about them. And then … Continue reading All things work together….