Fear or Peace

More than ever, the threat of devastating viruses, hazardous weather conditions, and questionable laws overwhelms many with fear. But as Christians, we shouldn't be afraid. We know that God is greater than anything this world can throw at us because Jesus DEFEATED the ruler of this world on the cross. We should read our Bibles … Continue reading Fear or Peace

Trusting the One Who Saved Us

The only way we will get through this messed-up world is to take our eyes off of all the chaos and put them onto Jesus. Why? Because the world is running the course that Jesus foretold in the Bible, AND He is still in control! Jesus is coming soon to take us out of here … Continue reading Trusting the One Who Saved Us

Watch What He Does!

Many people go through terrible situations that only get worse because they are determined to solve them their way. But as Christians, we don't need this unnecessary suffering because God told us to give all of our problems to Him and trust Him to bring us through them. Let's not make a bad situation worse … Continue reading Watch What He Does!

Trust the Lord…Seriously!

As we watch the news for the reports on the election, let us NOT be convinced by the initial results as things don't always appear as they really are. God is still in charge! The truth cannot be hidden even though the enemy tries to hide it. Stay in prayer, keep praising God and enjoy … Continue reading Trust the Lord…Seriously!

Learning to Let Go

When we were children, there were times when we didn't understand what was going on and we just trusted our parents to keep us safe. As God's children, there are things going on around us now that we don't understand and they can seem rather daunting, but we must learn to trust God and rest … Continue reading Learning to Let Go

Fooling Ourselves

  It seems at times that our lives are never-ending battle grounds where we fight one trial after another. Sometimes we sit back and wonder just what is going on! As Christians, shouldn’t our lives just flow with ease and prosperity as some preachers proclaim it should? Are we missing something in our Christian walk … Continue reading Fooling Ourselves

What’s the Difference Between Worry and Concern?

Many people express their compassions and concerns by worrying about people or situations. They insist that their worrying is a positive attribute to caring and concern. However, as Christians we know that worrying is a reaction of doubt and can only bring defeat. There is a biblical difference between worry and concern.   Webster’s Dictionary … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between Worry and Concern?