God’s Law is Perfect

It's very sad that people of the world will only turn to God when things go wrong in their lives so they can blame Him. They refuse to acknowledge or reverence God and think they have the right to change His laws to suit their own desires. Then, when chaos breaks out, they get stressed. … Continue reading God’s Law is Perfect

Living Richly in Christ

The only way believers will survive these last days in a world that is heading towards judgment is to be filled with God's Word! They are  food for the soul and life to those who feed on them! When are hearts and minds are filled with God's words, we grow in faith and are able to … Continue reading Living Richly in Christ

What IS My Motive?

Many people enjoy giving gifts or helping others in need. Some give large, notable amounts of funds while others give small and discreet gifts. It is part of our human nature to give, but unfortunately, the purpose behind the giving can vary from one side to the other. As believers, our giving must be from … Continue reading What IS My Motive?

Lasting Impressions

As Christians, most of us want to leave a lasting impression on others through our testimony. And most people—especially zealous and ambitious newbies—tend to use words to demonstrate their religious fervor. Yet, words alone can be deceiving because they don't always reflect the actual character of the person. There are things even greater than words … Continue reading Lasting Impressions