Come Out of the Closet

Most of us are familiar with the expression, “coming out of the closet”. We relate it to people who once felt ashamed of their “sinful” homosexual behavior”, but who have come public since society no longer views it as sin. But this closet also hides many Christians who appear to be ashamed to speak up … Continue reading Come Out of the Closet


The Humility of Prayer

  As Christians, we all come to God in prayer with our needs and desires because we believe that He will deliver us from our sorrows, heal our bodies and bless us. Unfortunately, when some of us ask God for things, we are compelled to tell Him what to do and how to do it. … Continue reading The Humility of Prayer

Who Will You Choose to be Your Healer?

I have lost many friends to cancer in the last few years, and I know so many more who are currently stricken with this horrendous disease and who are battling it with their very lives. It grieves me beyond words that so many people - so many Christians - will turn to the world of … Continue reading Who Will You Choose to be Your Healer?