Character Transformation

Our character begins in the heart and is expressed through our words and actions. As Christians, our hearts changed from worldly to Godly when we accepted Jesus as our Savior, and as we study the Bible to know Him, our hearts and minds are transformed to be like His. Malachi 3:6 says that God does … Continue reading Character Transformation

Don’t Be Conformed

Deception is powerful; its end is destruction! Satan used it to bring sin into this world and will continue to use it until Jesus returns. Governments use it to conform us to its ways and laws apart from God, and people use it for personal gain. But as Christians, we study the Bible, learn the … Continue reading Don’t Be Conformed

Knowing Right from Wrong

God's laws are being changed to suit the lifestyles of this modern world. Many Christians accept the changes and assume that God is okay with them because government AND Christian leaders make the changes. But God does not change, and He is not okay with this! As followers of Jesus, we have to do that—FOLLOW … Continue reading Knowing Right from Wrong

The Onus is on Us!

New age Christianity has fallen so far from God's truth that often, there is no difference between what the world promotes and what the modern church accepts. People are deceived because they don't read the Bible themselves to know that they are following a lie. Christians need to study their Bibles so they can know … Continue reading The Onus is on Us!