Don’t be Deceived!

Many of today’s Christians have a very worldly point of view regarding certain kinds of sin. It’s a view that is deceiving thousands of people every day because the truth is, it doesn’t matter what we think or what we deem should be acceptable in the eyes of the Lord; it’s about what God has … Continue reading Don’t be Deceived!

When Hurts Cut to the Bone

We endure many emotional traumas throughout our lives and the ones that hurt the most don’t always come from people of the world. They often come from those we love such as our biological family, our church family and our friends, and these hurts cut to the bone. When we take a stand to serve Jesus … Continue reading When Hurts Cut to the Bone

Faith with Understanding

Sometimes it’s very difficult for Christians to realize that not everyone shares their point of view or their strength when they’re taking a stand in faith. It’s crucial that we walk in love and without judging so that we don’t become angry or condemning, but rather, so we can have faith with understanding. The Bible … Continue reading Faith with Understanding