The Door Swings Both Ways

Sometimes, we wonder why we can't sense God's presence. Well, the door swings both ways. Jesus left His throne in Heaven, became a man, died barbarically on the cross to take our sins away, and gave us His Spirit to be with us always. He's proved His love for us; now it's our turn to … Continue reading The Door Swings Both Ways

Where do we find the truth?

There are many conspiracy theories going around, and all of them seem as if they could be right, so who do we believe? Well, since most of them are lies and since the devil is the father of lies, there's only one answer. None of them! If you want to know the truth and be … Continue reading Where do we find the truth?

Why do I need the Bible?

It seems that there’s a trend happening today where many Christians feel it’s not necessary to have or read a Bible because they can hear from God without it. This can be dangerous when we assume that the voice we are hearing is God speaking to us. It’s not an option to ask, “Why do … Continue reading Why do I need the Bible?