The Mirror of Deceit

In today’s world we have a false “Christianity” spreading in epic proportions across the globe. Through both mega churches and smaller ministries there is a gospel of wealth and ease being taught as opposed to the gospel of Jesus. The consenting message is that the Christian life is easy and comes with abundant prosperity and … Continue reading The Mirror of Deceit


Batteries Not Included

It is truly wonderful when someone accepts the Lord as their Savior and gives up their old way of life to follow Jesus. The Bible says in Luke 15:10 that the angels rejoice in Heaven over every new believer, so this is really a special event.  Why then, do many new believers fall back into the … Continue reading Batteries Not Included

Abusing God’s Love for Personal Gain

Nothing excites the heart more than love. Nothing quiets a restless spirit more than love. And nothing gives us the confidence to endure trials and temptations more than love. Life is all about love and, in fact, the entire theme of the Bible is love - God’s love for us. Yet, many people miss God because … Continue reading Abusing God’s Love for Personal Gain

Who is the Real Jesus?

The world is becoming overwhelmed with people preaching the gospel and proclaiming Jesus as their Lord. There are countless establishments being built across the globe to glorify God and to bring Christians into the fold. Yet, instead of the global Christians uniting in thought and heart toward God, there is a great division among them. Why? It's because … Continue reading Who is the Real Jesus?