When Confusion Sets In

Life is changing for all of us, and the more we try to figure things out, the more confused we get. There's no stability in our old securities because the ruler of this world is pushing hard to destroy us all before Jesus returns. As Christians, we pray for God's help but often don't get … Continue reading When Confusion Sets In

Full of Grace and Mercy

God is Holy, full of mercy and grace. But people are separated from Him because of sin, and although God sees and hears everything, He doesn't answer our prayers when we serve the god of this world. But when we turn from this world, surrender to Jesus, and accept Him as our Savior, our sins … Continue reading Full of Grace and Mercy

Nothing is Impossible

Sometimes in life, we face circumstances that seem impossible to get through and the devil is ready to shove defeat at us. But God is watching over us, His children, and when we come to Him in prayer and ask for His help, He hears and answers our prayers. The world may see our situation … Continue reading Nothing is Impossible

God Hears Our Prayers!

Isn't it wonderful to know that when we pray, God hears our prayers and answers us? Nothing is too great that He can't do it or too small that He won't do it. His overwhelming love for us is hard at times to comprehend, but it's true, and it's pure, strong, and unconditional. Jesus wants … Continue reading God Hears Our Prayers!

Monday’s Hope

Often, the problems that surround us are overwhelming to us, but they are nothing to God. We pray about them and then expect the answer immediately, whereas, God sees the big picture and has everything in His control, and He will do things within His timing. We have to learn to trust Him, and while … Continue reading Monday’s Hope