Being Accountable

False teachers are among us. They change God's Word to appeal to OUR desires, so we'll follow them instead of God! Those who've never committed to Jesus will follow Satan right into hell, and those who know Jesus will stand accountable to God one day for their actions. God does NOT change! His Word does … Continue reading Being Accountable

What Stands Forever?

Our world is filled with diverse religions because we have separated ourselves from the God of Heaven and created false gods to appease our selfish desires and lusts. But—there is ONLY one God, and He does NOT change or compromise His integrity. The Scriptures are His words for us, and we have ZERO authority to … Continue reading What Stands Forever?

What Will Never Change?

This world's dark rulers are censuring God's authority. They're making "political correctness" the rule by legalizing immorality, killing innocent babies, protecting the guilty, and persecuting Christians. Good is called evil, and evil is called good (Isaiah 5:20). BUT, the authority of God's Word STILL STANDS: what He said is sin is STILL SIN, and what … Continue reading What Will Never Change?

Confidence Despite Changes

The seasons in our lives bring changes, and combined with new worldly mandates and values, it can seem as if there is nothing steadfast in life. But when we know Jesus as our Savior, we have confidence despite these things because we know that God does not change, nor does His Word change. Whatever God … Continue reading Confidence Despite Changes