You Are Not Alone!

Sometimes we feel alone, as if no one cares or understands us. As Christians, the more we study the Scriptures to know Jesus, the further we drift from the world—and even our unsaved friends and loved ones. But we are NOT alone because Jesus is with us ALWAYS! We need to call out His name … Continue reading You Are Not Alone!

You’re Not Alone

Loneliness is horrible, and many suffer from it. When our world changes because we lose a loved one, have to move away, or choose to not follow the world, life can become lonely. Yet, as Christians, we shouldn't feel alone because we are NOT alone. We have Jesus, our devoted and faithful FRIEND, and regardless … Continue reading You’re Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Sometimes, we're burdened with issues that can intimidate, degrade, and even scare us. We get knots in our stomachs because we cannot face what's happening, let alone deal with it. But as Christians, we DON'T have to deal with our problems alone because we are NOT alone! God's Spirit is in us, bringing to life … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Joy Comes in the Morning

There is a big difference between Joy and Happiness, and too often we confuse them. Happiness is a temporal state of the mind; joy is a permanent condition of the heart. Happiness is the result of our emotions being satisfied; joy is the everlasting imprint on our heart that gives us strength. We may go … Continue reading Joy Comes in the Morning