Unconditional Joy

To rejoice means to feel or show great joy. Emotional joy is conditional on how we feel and what makes us happy. But Christian joy fills our souls with unconditional delight because we know what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do for us. He's greater than our problems and has made way for … Continue reading Unconditional Joy

Like a Glass of Water

We can view life like a glass of water—half full or half empty. When we focus on our problems and pains, we're overpowered by hopelessness and defeated by doubt. But when we see the good in life DESPITE our problems and pain, we have hope and joy. Jesus said we'd have tribulations in this life … Continue reading Like a Glass of Water

Rejoicing in the Storms!

Every day, we learn of more global disasters and senseless deaths, and it's getting scary! As Christians, we live in this world, but it no longer lives in us because Jesus redeemed us back to God, and He is now our Lord. Our hope and joy are in Jesus, who's not only prepared a great … Continue reading Rejoicing in the Storms!