The Door Swings Both Ways

Sometimes, we wonder why we can't sense God's presence. Well, the door swings both ways. Jesus left His throne in Heaven, became a man, died barbarically on the cross to take our sins away, and gave us His Spirit to be with us always. He's proved His love for us; now it's our turn to … Continue reading The Door Swings Both Ways

Wherever We Go

This changing world is limited in its knowledge and wisdom and doesn't have the answers or power to get us through our problems. God, however, does NOT change. He is the Creator of the world, omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere), and omnipotent (all-powerful)! When we accept Jesus as our Savior and study the Bible, God's Spirit … Continue reading Wherever We Go

God Will Give us Rest!

Jesus said that we will have tribulations in this life, but He also promised that He would give us His peace through them all. Many people don't call upon God until tribulations happen and the problem they face then, is that they don't have the faith to trust God to get them through. Although God's … Continue reading God Will Give us Rest!