This world is changing; people are self-indulged, impatient, and short on love and forgiveness. We don't know who to trust anymore. But God—He never changes! His love never ceases, and His mercies are new every morning. His Words are true, and what He said in the Bible still stands today. Judgment is coming, and God … Continue reading Change

Let’s Begin Now!

One day, we'll stand before God and see all He has done for us. We'll see everything Jesus accomplished on the cross—how He saved us from eternal death, watched over us and blessed us every day, spared us from earthly destruction and disaster, and brought us through the impossible. We'll burst with praise for His … Continue reading Let’s Begin Now!

It’s Our Joy to Sing!

When we become Christians, our sins are forgiven—but we are not perfect! We live in a sinful world, and on occasion, we'll slip up, especially in the beginning. But as we study the Scriptures and fill up on His truth, we'll develop a relationship with Jesus, know right from wrong, and want to follow Him. … Continue reading It’s Our Joy to Sing!