Truth and Mercy

The world is changing: love has become a conditional emotion, mercy is a limited right, and truth is a recognized opinion. Yet, God does not change! His love for us remains UNconditional and eternal; His mercies are everlasting, and His Truth endures forever. Nothing we say or do can change God's rule because He is … Continue reading Truth and Mercy

What does it Mean to be Saved?

Many of today’s modern Christians have a very different concept to the meaning of being saved than what the Word has declared it to mean. They think that to be saved and to ensure a home in Heaven is to simply acknowledge that there is a God and that Jesus came to the cross and … Continue reading What does it Mean to be Saved?

Free Love

There is only one thing in this world that is free and that is given without strings attached. Air is not free because of the pollution it carries that destroys the body; water is not free because it contains impurities, bacteria, chemicals, toxins - all that destroy the body. The only thing that we have that is … Continue reading Free Love