Happy Wednesday!

The world is entering a time of sorrows and we can see that through the coronavirus and natural disasters that are devastating homes and taking lives. The world has foolishly pushed God away and opened the doors to the devil's wrath, but through prayer, we can ask for God's presence to return and help those … Continue reading Happy Wednesday!

Prayer Works!

Many Christians don’t know how to pray. They lack the incentive that turns their prayers into a powerful statement of faith, and sadly many of their prayers go unanswered. But for those Christians who know how to pray, we can say with total certainty, “PRAYER WORKS!” So, what makes prayer work for some Christians and … Continue reading Prayer Works!

What’s the Difference Between Worry and Concern?

Many people express their compassions and concerns by worrying about people or situations. They insist that their worrying is a positive attribute to caring and concern. However, as Christians we know that worrying is a reaction of doubt and can only bring defeat. There is a biblical difference between worry and concern.   Webster’s Dictionary … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between Worry and Concern?