Put on Your Dancing Shoes

It’s wonderful when we know the Lord and can enjoy life! The internet has made it possible to spend less time doing those tedious things such as banking, shopping and travelling to work, and given us more time to do what we like to do. Unfortunately, too many Christians have adopted a lazy attitude about God, … Continue reading Put on Your Dancing Shoes


The Mirror of Deceit

In today’s world we have a false “Christianity” spreading in epic proportions across the globe. Through both mega churches and smaller ministries there is a gospel of wealth and ease being taught as opposed to the gospel of Jesus. The consenting message is that the Christian life is easy and comes with abundant prosperity and … Continue reading The Mirror of Deceit

A Very Dark Hour

It seems that life now-a-days has more ups and downs and constant challenges than ever before. The law has changed dramatically and now it allow things that years ago would have been forbidden such as the legalization of abortion and the acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle. Crime and pointless killings have become the norm, sickness … Continue reading A Very Dark Hour

Who is the Real Jesus?

The world is becoming overwhelmed with people preaching the gospel and proclaiming Jesus as their Lord. There are countless establishments being built across the globe to glorify God and to bring Christians into the fold. Yet, instead of the global Christians uniting in thought and heart toward God, there is a great division among them. Why? It's because … Continue reading Who is the Real Jesus?