Unique Talents

We all have unique talents. These are gifts from God, and whether great or small, they are all equally important. Some people are publically recognized for their talents; many are workers behind the scenes or helpers to those in need. Others are prayer warriors who fight in the background. As Christians, God expects us to … Continue reading Unique Talents

Our Confidence is in God

There has never been a time that demands our fervent prayers more than today. We are surrounded by political chaos and unrest and sometimes things look scary, but God has promised us that if we pray and trust Him, He will answer our prayers, and give us His peace and protection. There is power in … Continue reading Our Confidence is in God

Don’t Get Caught in the Doorway

 So many Christians are standing in the doorway between this world and Heaven without truly knowing Jesus and just trusting that they’ll make it in when the time comes. But this is really one doorway that you don’t want to get stuck in, especially if the door closes when you're not looking. It’s like standing … Continue reading Don’t Get Caught in the Doorway