Faith Can Move Mountains

When our faith is in our own abilities, we can't hope for anything beyond our own strength, but when our faith is in God, we can hope for anything because God is Almighty! Faith in God comes by hearing the Word of God. The more we study the Bible, the greater our understanding and love … Continue reading Faith Can Move Mountains

Trust in the Lord

Real Christians are different from the rest of the people because they have faith in God. This doesn't happen just because we wear the label, though. Faith happens when we study the Scriptures to know God and spend time in prayer and worship with Him to develop a relationship with Jesus. Then, we walk by … Continue reading Trust in the Lord

God Will Give us Rest!

Jesus said that we will have tribulations in this life, but He also promised that He would give us His peace through them all. Many people don't call upon God until tribulations happen and the problem they face then, is that they don't have the faith to trust God to get them through. Although God's … Continue reading God Will Give us Rest!

Where is Your Faith?

Jesus is our Salvation and our Hope, and when we have a personal relationship with Him, our faith for everything is in Him. Many people misunderstand what faith is and so they focus on the thing they want and on their stance to believe they'll get it against all the odds—and they call this faith. … Continue reading Where is Your Faith?

Nothing is Impossible

Sometimes in life, we face circumstances that seem impossible to get through and the devil is ready to shove defeat at us. But God is watching over us, His children, and when we come to Him in prayer and ask for His help, He hears and answers our prayers. The world may see our situation … Continue reading Nothing is Impossible

What is the Reward of my Faith?

The subject of faith is a very controversial one in the religious realm and few truly understand what faith is, why we need it and how our lives are blessed because of it. We all know the scripture at Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not … Continue reading What is the Reward of my Faith?

When God is Our Last Resort

Often when those unexpected trials and challenges come, many Christians will first try to work it out on their own or with the help of the world — and then when all else fails they'll turn to God. He is often the last resort people go to for help and THAT is a true sign that they have … Continue reading When God is Our Last Resort

A Sleeping Pill for Christians

There are times in our lives when things become so busy and so hectic that the days slowly turn into weeks and the weeks become one long, progressive challenge. Seasons come and go and life seems to pass us by. At night, we lay in bed and our mind becomes a rerun of everything we did … Continue reading A Sleeping Pill for Christians

When Hurts Cut to the Bone

We endure many emotional traumas throughout our lives and the ones that hurt the most don’t always come from people of the world. They often come from those we love such as our biological family, our church family and our friends, and these hurts cut to the bone. When we take a stand to serve Jesus … Continue reading When Hurts Cut to the Bone

Why Won’t God’s Promises Work For Me?

Many of us Christians will come to the Bible and pick out scriptures that we can use as a means to win the battles in our lives - and this can be a good thing. Many of us will quote the scriptures and declare their power - and yet we are defeated. We have done … Continue reading Why Won’t God’s Promises Work For Me?

Faith IS the answer

There are many instances in the New Testament that prove that "faith IS the answer". What is faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen......Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the energy it takes to believe in something that you are hoping for. Here are some examples of New Testament … Continue reading Faith IS the answer