God’s Thoughts

God's thoughts towards people have always been of love and peace, and so He created the Garden of Eden to be a paradise for Adam and Eve. But people's thoughts toward God have always been sinful and rebellious, so God, being Holy, separated Himself from us. God's plan has always been for us to live … Continue reading God’s Thoughts

First Impressions!

We've all heard it, "First impressions are everything," yet they're really not. Many people are hurting but hiding it, so we think things are well with them. Others can't hide their pain or frustration, so we judge them because we see them through the world's eyes. But we need to see all people through God's … Continue reading First Impressions!

Keep the Oil in My Lamp

If you were lost at night in a forest without a light, you wouldn't see the path because of the darkness. Likewise, even as Christians, we'll continue to stumble in the darkness unless we keep our lamps filled with oil! The Bible IS that oil! It fills our lamps and allows the Light to shine … Continue reading Keep the Oil in My Lamp

How to Relieve Stress

We all face stress every day, but God has given us a stress-reliever that can't be beat! He's told us that when the enemy of this world closes in with problems, we should give the problems to God and then sing praises to the Lord and seek His peace. Worship music brings the presence of … Continue reading How to Relieve Stress

Peace Through the Problems

We live in a corrupt and evil world, and many of us suffer from issues that wear us out. But it doesn't need to be this way. We can give our problems to the One who can deal with them and rise each morning totally refreshed, filled with His peace, and strengthened by the joy … Continue reading Peace Through the Problems

Time to Rest

Although the world around us is frothing in chaos and confusion, Christians should not be afraid because we belong to God, and He is still in control! We have to keep our minds and hearts filled with Scripture, meditate daily on the truth, and spend time in prayer and worship so we can draw close … Continue reading Time to Rest

How to Stand in Faith

Sometimes, we get discouraged when God doesn't answer our prayers right away, and we begin to speak words of doubt. This tells the worldly people around us that we don't really believe in God any more than they do. As Christians, we need to study the Bible to know God and build our faith in … Continue reading How to Stand in Faith

In Times of Trouble

Whether our problems are personal situations or global issues due to the times we live in, God is our refuge, and He'll help us when we call upon Him and trust Him. He'll fill us with His peace as we rest in His arms, and He'll become the wisdom and strength we need to bring … Continue reading In Times of Trouble