It’s Not Business as Usual

When the angel told the shepherds that their Savior had been born, they rejoiced and then went to the barn and saw Jesus lying in the manger. They worshiped the baby because they knew that He was God's Son, their Messiah, who would save them from their sins and rule over them as King. And … Continue reading It’s Not Business as Usual

The Truth Has Set Us Free

Being a Christian is more than belonging to a physical congregation; it's having a relationship with Jesus. We became a Christian because God gave us enough faith to believe that we were sinners in need of a Savior and that Jesus IS that Savior. But we need to study the Scriptures to know Jesus personally … Continue reading The Truth Has Set Us Free

His Birth Was the Beginning

When we see the pictures of Baby Jesus lying so peacefully in that manger, our hearts melt with His cuteness. God planned this visit since the beginning of time, and His birth is the beginning of His promise to save us from our sins. Jesus put aside His deity and came to earth so that … Continue reading His Birth Was the Beginning

Share the Blessing

We're in the Christmas season, when carols, decorations, gift-giving, and family gatherings bring us together. Yet, many won't celebrate this year because they are alone or have no money or home—and some are within our own communities. As Christians, let's remember why we celebrate and share the blessings of gifts and food and of peace … Continue reading Share the Blessing

Don’t Worry About Things You Can’t Control

Life is better when we keep our eyes on the Lord and not the world. Jesus warned us of the chaos and unrest in these last days and told us to trust Him and rest in His peace. We don't understand most of what's going on, but God does, so let's not worry about things … Continue reading Don’t Worry About Things You Can’t Control

A Father’s Gift

We celebrate Christmas because it's the fulfillment of God's promise to send a Savior who would take our sins away and redeem us back to Him. When we accept His salvation, Jesus changes us from sinful to righteous, fills us with His Spirit, and makes us citizens of Heaven and joint-heirs in God's Kingdom. Whatever … Continue reading A Father’s Gift

What Do You Say?

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, what do you say? The world's people say Happy Holidays because to them, it's a holiday, the time for Santa, gifts, parties, and festive gatherings. But, for Christians, we celebrate Jesus, our Savior, so we say Merry Christmas! At this time of the year, when people seek peace and joy … Continue reading What Do You Say?

The Voice We Hear

The voice of this world boldly proclaims self-righteousness, determined to change God's laws to suit their modern lifestyles. And many Christians are deceived into believing that God accepts these changes so the world can be a better place to live. But as God's children, we must study our Bibles continually to know Him and His … Continue reading The Voice We Hear