What if I Don’t Like Them?

We're all different. We all come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and social statuses, yet as Christians, God told us to love each other. It's not about feelings or biases; it's about obedience. When we see others as Jesus sees us and realize that our own sins were enough to bring Jesus down from Heaven to … Continue reading What if I Don’t Like Them?

You Have a Mansion

In this biased world, most of us can't own that little piece of Heaven here on earth. The excellent way of life is really only for the rich and famous. Yet, as Christians, we ARE the rich and famous. We are rich in Christ's righteousness and famous in God's eyes because we are His children. … Continue reading You Have a Mansion

Unique Talents

We all have unique talents. These are gifts from God, and whether great or small, they are all equally important. Some people are publically recognized for their talents; many are workers behind the scenes or helpers to those in need. Others are prayer warriors who fight in the background. As Christians, God expects us to … Continue reading Unique Talents

Get the Facts

College students can use only documented facts and quotes to prove their viewpoints in a thesis. As Christians, our only resource is the Bible, God's Word of documented facts and quotes. We need to know the Truth, so we won't be deceived by the opinions and deceptions of modern-day Christianity. They will NOT get us … Continue reading Get the Facts

The Innocence of Sheep

Sheep rely totally on their shepherd. Always at peace, they trust him completely to lead them through every situation, day and night, and never question or doubt his love or ability to care for them. As Christians, Jesus is OUR Shepherd, and we need to trust Him in the same way and not be afraid, … Continue reading The Innocence of Sheep

Our Choice: Anxiety or Peace

We don't choose our challenges in life, but we CAN choose how to handle them. When we're working on our own merits, and within this world's limits, we WILL experience anxiety and stress because the god of this world wants it that way. But when we give our issues to Jesus and TRUST Him—knowing that … Continue reading Our Choice: Anxiety or Peace

Giving Up is NOT an Option

Many of us face challenges and give up because defeat seems inevitable. As Christians, we pray for the salvation of family members and friends and for healing and needs to be met, but we don't see any change. That's because our battles are spiritual, not physical, and God's timing is not our timing. We must … Continue reading Giving Up is NOT an Option

Why We Aren’t Consumed

God is Holy and hates sin, and if it weren't for His mercies, none of us would be alive today; sin would have destroyed us. But God doesn't want anyone to perish, so He continually pours His mercy upon people so they'll turn from the world and accept Jesus as their Savior. Even after we're … Continue reading Why We Aren’t Consumed

Watching and Waiting

Since the first sin, this world has been heading toward God's judgment. Everything Jesus warned us about in Matthew 24 is happening and getting worse every day, but we don't need to be afraid because God is STILL in control and watching over the good and the evil. The world threatens to destroy us, but … Continue reading Watching and Waiting


We're surrounded by global government uprisings, rumors of wars, threats of climatic disasters, new diseases, and civil unrest. Sadly, we know much of the truth is hidden from us, and many are afraid. Yet, as Christians, we're at peace when we study the Bible and know the truth! God is still in control, and this … Continue reading Freedom

Follow the Leader

Humility is not popular; striving for leadership positions and status is more satisfying. Yet, as Christians, we know that Jesus became the epimone of humility when He stepped down from His Heavenly throne to become a man who would be mocked, humiliated, beaten, disgraced, and killed on the cross for our sins. But He rose … Continue reading Follow the Leader

Privilege Brings Responsibility

Most of us live in privilege, but when we look beyond our comfort zone, we see many suffering without hope. While we snuggle in our cozy homes this winter, millions of people in Ukraine and other parts of Europe will suffer and die because they have no hydro, no heat, no food, and no hope. … Continue reading Privilege Brings Responsibility

Our Hope For Others

We can't judge people according to their appearance. Many people, Christian and non-Christian, dress nicely and smile on the outside but are suffering on the inside; others show their pain through their bad attitude. As Christians, we can be friends who bless them with our love and prayers and show compassion without judgment. We speak … Continue reading Our Hope For Others

Changing Focus

This world programs people to focus on themselves and what they can get out of life. So, they strive for newer, bigger, and more elaborate things to satisfy that goal, but material things wear out or get stolen, and desires change, so they are never satisfied. But as Christians, we know God supplies our daily … Continue reading Changing Focus