Sin Blinds People

The world has never been in such a state of chaos since its creation with global pandemics, spreading natural disasters, rampant crime, political chaos, and evil immorality—and all at the same time. It gets worse every day, but most people can't see it because sin has blinded them from the truth, so their hope is … Continue reading Sin Blinds People

When Curses are a Blessing

Most people don't want to hear about Jesus and His salvation and get upset, even angry, when we tell them that some things they are doing are sins against God. They resent us and accuse us of using "hate speech" because the world they love says it's okay. Their attacks make us want to stop, … Continue reading When Curses are a Blessing

Thankful for the Privilege

Every day it's getting more challenging for Christians to live in this sinful world and get the gospel message out to the lost. It's not easy convincing people that they are sinners in need of a savior and that God loves them and sent Jesus to be that Savior. But we keep going with our … Continue reading Thankful for the Privilege

We Can’t be Moved

When we are hired by a successful company, we submit to its authority, agree to follow its protocol, and work for its purpose. We are EXPECTED to read, accept, and follow the company's mandate and not abuse our position for our own personal gain. It's the same when we become a Christian: we accept Jesus … Continue reading We Can’t be Moved

We Walk in the Law of the Lord

As this world becomes more blatant in its rebellion against God, Christians need to study the Scriptures and follow Jesus so we can walk in the knowledge of God and be a testimony of His truth. We'll stand out like a sore thumb and be persecuted and mocked for following Jesus instead of giving in … Continue reading We Walk in the Law of the Lord

We Don’t Have to be Deceived!

This Scripture says a lot about today's world. We need to study the Scriptures and get God's truth into our hearts more now than ever before so that we are not deceived! If you’re not following us yet, please click the blue FOLLOW button or add your email address in the space provided to the right side of this post. We’d … Continue reading We Don’t Have to be Deceived!

Jesus, Not Just a Good Idea

While most so-called "Christians" agree on who Jesus is, the majority only know about Him. They've never accepted Jesus as their Savior and don't study the Scriptures to know Him but rely on others to teach them. Don't be deceived! If God has poured out His grace upon you to make you aware of who … Continue reading Jesus, Not Just a Good Idea

The Christian Walk

The Christian voice has become weak because most of the religious world follows a gospel that's been changed to suit its own desires and blend with worldly attitudes. Even some real Christians either accept some of the changes or refuse to stand against them to avoid attention. But as true believers in Jesus, we have … Continue reading The Christian Walk

What is Truth?

Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" Today, many people are asking this same question because "truth" has been watered down, modified, and deluded so much that it's almost impossible to find. As Christians, we are the only testimony of truth, but where do we get it? We find it in God's Scriptures because the words … Continue reading What is Truth?