You Can’t Buy Faith

To all Christians who think they can buy God's blessings, have faith dumped on them, or instantly gain wisdom and riches, you can't! You can't buy, earn, or assume His blessings because they are given by God to those who love and follow Him and put their faith and trust in Him. And you can … Continue reading You Can’t Buy Faith

Being Grateful

Finding a positive direction is difficult when we focus only on the negative around us. As Christians, we have more to thank God for than we'll ever know until we reach Heaven because now, we only see with our visible eyes. It's then that we'll fully grasp how brutal and barbaric Jesus' torture was when … Continue reading Being Grateful

Doing the Impossible

Some situations are impossible for us to fix or change. When loved ones are caught up in the evils of this world, they are destroyed, and there's nothing we can do about it. But God! Nothing is impossible to God, and when we pray fervently according to His will, He hears and answers us. God … Continue reading Doing the Impossible

What is Your Heart’s Desire?

What is your heart's desire—your career, material possessions, social status? As Christians, it's knowing God and doing His will. He may still give us all these things, but our focus is getting His salvation message out to the lost. We love the Lord and praise Him for being our Savior, and He hears and answers … Continue reading What is Your Heart’s Desire?

Prepare for Battle

Many fight daily with health issues, finances, identity, or personal relationships. We think that as Christians we shouldn't have these problems, but Jesus said in John 16:33 that we WOULD have problems, and we're told in Ephesians 6:10-17 to put on the whole armor of God to fight them. Our armor is the Word of … Continue reading Prepare for Battle

How to Survive

We used to be strong-minded people, forging life paths for future generations. But in this changing world, we've become defensive, fighting to survive and keep our rights. Yet, as Christians, we can live quality lives because God never changes His love, plans, purpose, or future for us; He hears and answers our prayers despite the … Continue reading How to Survive

Two Paths

Two paths lead to God when we leave this world—but only ONE gets us into Heaven. We will all stand before Christ, either as believers whose sins are washed away through the salvation of Jesus or as sinners to face eternal judgment. God loves us—John 3:16—and doesn't want anyone to perish, but Heaven is pure … Continue reading Two Paths

Doing What We’re Called to Do

Christians are Christ's disciples, called to share His Gospel with the lost so they can be freed from this world. We must refrain from debating moot points with the brethren or arguing what sin is with the world. We're not called to criticize or accuse; we're called to be like Jesus, to walk, talk, and … Continue reading Doing What We’re Called to Do

The World Doesn’t Know

People of the world don't understand why Christians go to church and sing to the Lord. Nor do they accept our principles and values or our need to pray. But as Christians, we know that Jesus is the Savior, the Son of God, who paid the punishment for our sins with His own blood and … Continue reading The World Doesn’t Know

Power to The Faint

The world is becoming a place of hopelessness. But as Christians, we rejoice because this is not our world—we belong to God; our citizenship is in Heaven. When problems come, we pray about them and then fight them with the Sword of the Spirit—the Bible! So, we need to study it fervently because when we're … Continue reading Power to The Faint

Praise Instead of Pout

We live in a corrupt world, and occasionally, bad things happen. Many believe that Christian life should be perfect, but that's not what Jesus said. He said we WOULD have tribulations simply because we live here—but He also promised to stay with us and help us through them. So, if we're having a challenging day, … Continue reading Praise Instead of Pout

What Lasts Forever?

We're raised to believe that "all good things come to an end" and "nothing lasts forever." In this ever-changing world, this has become our way of life. But God is eternal—His actions DO last forever! When we receive Jesus as our Savior and ask Him to forgive us, He becomes our eternal Lord and forgives … Continue reading What Lasts Forever?

Be at Peace and Shine

Have you ever noticed that you can face difficult situations more easily when you're not stressed or anxious? It's easy to get caught up with all that's happening in this corrupt world, which can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. But when we know Jesus and put our trust in Him, He fills us with … Continue reading Be at Peace and Shine

No One knows us Like God

No one knows us like God; we don't even know ourselves as He does. As Christians, we're in awe when we look back to all the times God answered our prayers and showed His love and mercy to us. He answered prayers that were insignificant to anyone else but meant everything to us. It warms … Continue reading No One knows us Like God