What Others See in Us

When worldly people look at Christians, they should not see a reflection of themselves. They should see someone who respects their body as God's temple and not as a display of evil, who lives the life they proclaim and is not a hypocrite, who encourages and builds up rather than gossips or tears down, who … Continue reading What Others See in Us

Let’s Be Positive!

Too often Christians get caught up with being negative and criticizing others. Whether it's a group within a congregation or a rant on public media, speaking negative about others only builds up the self-righteousness of the participants. Our focus should not be on what not to do, but rather, on what Jesus has told us to do. The commission Jesus gave to … Continue reading Let’s Be Positive!

Are We Destroying God’s Temple With Food?

As Christians, many of us have a heart to serve the Lord and to live our lives as closely as possible to pleasing Him.  We love people, we share and don’t boast, we pray for others, we dress in style and yet conservative to avoid promiscuity, and we don't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol.  We know … Continue reading Are We Destroying God’s Temple With Food?