Let’s Begin Now!

One day, we'll stand before God and see all He has done for us. We'll see everything Jesus accomplished on the cross—how He saved us from eternal death, watched over us and blessed us every day, spared us from earthly destruction and disaster, and brought us through the impossible. We'll burst with praise for His … Continue reading Let’s Begin Now!

How to Survive the Bad Times

This weekend is the Thanksgiving celebration for us Canadians, and although we are surrounded by chaos and unrest, we have so much to be thankful for and every reason to sing praises to God. When we can praise more than complain, God is glorified through us, and we can see beyond our troubles. When our … Continue reading How to Survive the Bad Times

Come out of the Closet!

It used to be that we could barely tell the difference between Christians and the people of the world because the Christians wanted to blend in rather than be noticed. But now, with all that's going on in this world, it's time for us to come out of the closet and let the world know … Continue reading Come out of the Closet!

Sing unto the Lord!

We can't hide from all of the changes that are happening around us, but we can rise up and be God's light that leads others to safety. More than ever before, we need to focus on Jesus, spend more time in prayer, study the Scriptures more diligently, and open our hearts to continual praise. When … Continue reading Sing unto the Lord!

Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

The world has no idea what it is doing by forbidding Christians to sing praises to our God. It is wrong in every way and God will deal with those who prevent His children from coming to Him in praise and song! Meanwhile, we need to worship Him at home, sing praises so loud that … Continue reading Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

Stay Positive!

It's good that we stay informed of the things going on around us so that we can seek God's intervention through them and prepare to deal with them. But it's not good when we become obsessed with them. The more we focus and talk about the negative things, the greater the issues become because the … Continue reading Stay Positive!

Walking a Thin Line

    The earth is being filled with “Christians” as the day of Christ’s return draws near. Some of these people are genuine, born-again believers, but most of them don’t even know God. They are captivated by a doctrine that speaks of universal love and heavenly blessings. The gospel they learn from says they were … Continue reading Walking a Thin Line