Rejoice in His Promise!

Today, many of us feel sad, confused, and even angry over a political situation that played against every one of us. It's not really a surprise as the Bible is filled with prophecies that warn us of the evils and deceptions that would come in these last days. Things aren't going to get any easier … Continue reading Rejoice in His Promise!

Do we make our stand in faith a New Year’s Resolution?

As the end of 2011 approaches and the new year waits to be greated, the people of the world are preparing their New Year's Resolutions, and each one hopes that because it's a new year, they will be commited and succeed. But as Christians, should we also wait and make our stand in faith a New Year's … Continue reading Do we make our stand in faith a New Year’s Resolution?

God’s promise

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."...John 12:32 As Good Friday approaches, we are reminded that Christ was lifted up from the earth as He made Himself a sacrifice for our sins.  What can be more rewarding than knowing that because we honor what Christ has … Continue reading God’s promise