The Hidden Mustard Seed

It's so easy for preachers to say, "Have faith", but unless Christians are taught what faith is and how to use it, they'll live defeated lives with their needs never met. Many of us spend hours in prayer begging God for answers and yet, the answers don't come. Could it be that the faith we … Continue reading The Hidden Mustard Seed

The Truth about Faith

Too often, the true gospel of Jesus is hidden behind the deception of false doctrines and idealistic theologies that are leading people by the millions along the broad path to destruction. God has called us to preach the gospel so people can know of His amazing love for us and of the salvation He’s provided for … Continue reading The Truth about Faith

How to Stand in Faith When Our Heart is Crushed

It’s very hard to keep believing God for a specific answer or healing when a loved one has just lost the same battle we’re fighting. We become weak and discouraged, and so it’s crucial that we learn how to stand in faith when our hearts are crushed. We need to keep our eyes focused on God at all … Continue reading How to Stand in Faith When Our Heart is Crushed