Change is Not Always Good

Our greatest security as Christians is knowing that God does NOT change! We study the Bible and know that if God said it, He meant it, and that's it! But the people of this world want to redefine God so they can justify changing His laws to suit their evil desires—and one day, they WILL … Continue reading Change is Not Always Good

What Lasts Forever?

Feeling secure nowadays is hard when there's no solid ground to stand on. Job security is unraveling, the cost of living is excelling, education is stifling, and God's laws are being challenged as social rights take priority. Yet, as Christians, when our hope and trust are in Jesus and not the world, we CAN feel … Continue reading What Lasts Forever?

Confidence Despite Changes

The seasons in our lives bring changes, and combined with new worldly mandates and values, it can seem as if there is nothing steadfast in life. But when we know Jesus as our Savior, we have confidence despite these things because we know that God does not change, nor does His Word change. Whatever God … Continue reading Confidence Despite Changes

Happy Wednesday!

There has never been so much instability in life as there is today because the things around us are continually changing. People have modified the laws to meet modern-day demands, morality is declining, governments are corrupt, the weather is out of control and disease is running rampage. Fear is growing and many people are caught … Continue reading Happy Wednesday!