One Day We Will See

Why do we keep praying for people when we don't see the results? Many don't get healed, and others continue to be dragged through the mire despite our prayers. God does hear and answer our prayers, but He sees the big picture, and more than just healing or helping them, God wants them to repent … Continue reading One Day We Will See

Never Give Up!

Many of the challenges we face in life today would shock our ancestors. While this world offers technology and conveniences that our grandparents could only dream of, it also puts us into situations that would have terrified them. As Believers in Jesus, however, we must keep following Him and winning souls for His Kingdom and … Continue reading Never Give Up!

Who Believes in Miracles any more….

"Don't give up on the brink of a miracle".....most Christians have heard the song, read the book and sat through many Sunday sermons about it. But what does it mean? It means that some things take time AND they don't always happen the way we expect them if we're waiting on God for the … Continue reading Who Believes in Miracles any more….