The Countdown: Day 6

The day after Jesus’ glorious entrance into Jerusalem, He went to the temple of God and was angered by what He saw. This sacred building had become a common marketplace, a vast flea market where even animals were loose and untrained. Jesus grabbed a whip and snapped it at the animals, and they fled the building. He pushed over the tables and spilled money and goods onto the floor. He yelled for the people to get out!

Many think Jesus lost His temper that day, but He didn’t. He reprimanded the people for their actions, knowing it would be His last opportunity to cleanse the temple. Jesus emphasized that God is Holy, and THIS is His temple! It was there so the people could come and worship Him. But they’d lost their love for God and defiled His temple, turning it into a den for thieves!

One day, Jesus will return to clean the entire earth of all sin and punish the thieves who defiled it because—this is God’s world, and He is Holy!

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